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Our Investment Overview

In this highly sophisticated and rapidly changing financial environment, it is critical that individuals and businesses protect and enhance their current financial resources when preparing for their future. What worked 10 years ago may not necessarily be the best approach today. We realize that there are many investment options available in the marketplace. There are so many that the average investor, and even many financial advisors don't know all the available options because they simply don't know what they don't know. Unfortunately, many Financial advisors are just Mutual fund sales people.

Frequently, the average investor and yes, even financial advisors do not do a very good job allocating their investable assets to acheive a suitable balance between equity (at risk) investments and principal protected (safe) investments in their portfolio. This requires a total macro view of all investable assets and careful planning to provide prudent, active management of one's financial assets.

At Guardian Capital, LLC, Reigistered Investment Adviser, we actively manage customized portfolios for each client using a combination of individual Blue Chip stocks, Exchange Traded funds, Index funds, Sector funds and Mutual funds. We also have relationships with other Registered Investment Advisors which allows us to offer their (3rd party Money Managers) investment management programs through Guardian Capital, LLC.

In summary, our portfolios are diversified (based on the risk tolerance of each client). Our investments are selected by using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. We understand the Relative strength of the market to determine and monitor the overall direction of the market and it's sectors. By investing in quality equities and balancing investment risk with principal protection, the risk of an entire porfolio of investable assets can be reduced. 

Guardian Capital, LLC also offers comprehensive financial plans for investors with our 5 Step Total Financial Plan which includes the intergration of 1) investment planning, 2) tax planning and preparation*, 3) estate planning^+, 4) retirement plan distribution and income planning, 5) risk mitigation and insurance planning* so that your entire financial life is covered.

Guardian Capital, LLC prides itself on providing prompt, personal and highly professional service. Our goal is to help you grow and preserve your wealth now and for generations to come.


* Tax Planning and Preparation services offered through our team of CPA's 

^ Estate Planning and Insurance Planning offered through Greg Miller & Associates -

+ Legal services provided by the Elder Law Office of Shields & Boris, 109 VIP Drive, Suite 100, Wexford, PA 15090